Over the past two days we have played a scientific card game and learned why Mr. Lane became a teacher. We are going to continue the card game and learn what is observation in science.
abby jantz
9/28/2011 01:09:17 am

it was soooooo cool!!!!!!

dustin lial
9/28/2011 01:09:53 am

that was really fun

abby jantz
9/28/2011 01:10:34 am

the card game was cool!!!!!

Kianna Evans
9/28/2011 01:12:56 am

That card game was fun!

Mogan Ferguson
9/28/2011 01:14:23 am

Science is awesome!!!
I wonder when we're supposed to get George out and visit with him...
Science is epic!!

jacob pankratz
9/28/2011 02:04:20 am

that was super duper fun

emily davis
9/28/2011 02:04:43 am

hey whats up mr. lane u r an awsome teacher

Bryce Osckle
9/28/2011 02:05:33 am

Lol is me this site is awesome ttyl

Dylan Chamberlain
9/28/2011 02:05:47 am

this is sick mr lane mabey we can bring out goerge some time

sam hill
9/28/2011 02:06:30 am

im in the computer lab
i <3 science class

isaiah lamon
9/28/2011 02:06:35 am

you are the best science teacher in the world

brandon mcmahon
9/28/2011 02:06:45 am

hey mr. lane when will we do dinosaurs

Michaela Dorsey
9/28/2011 05:03:56 am

hey mr. lane! that waz so boring. why did we do it. it was fun in a wierd way. i loved it in a good wayy!

9/28/2011 05:04:13 am

lex saidi- hi mr lane why cant we explode stuff and test things in the science room?- veronica said-hi

andrew tognetti
9/28/2011 05:04:59 am

u r soo cool mr.lane!

9/28/2011 05:05:29 am

gracee brooks
9/28/2011 05:05:44 am

i luv computers hehe -wasabi

Hanna Green
9/28/2011 05:05:56 am

Hey the card game is sooooooooooo much fun!!! U ROCK!!!!

9/28/2011 05:06:06 am

Hey mr.lane this is th best school!

emma taber
9/28/2011 05:06:27 am

You are awsome. You are my fav teacher. I love science

lexi dominguez
9/28/2011 05:06:32 am

hey mr.lane i need some help with some science its realy confusing why cant we test chemistry? im really confused?

9/28/2011 05:06:44 am

hi mr lane astromny is my favorite subject i have been upsessed with it since i was like six

hunter richards
9/28/2011 05:07:22 am

Hey we should make like home made airsoft granades me and sam brown know how

olivia and squshie
9/28/2011 05:07:59 am

hi you are a very fun teacher and squshie says your awsome and we are stand right by you and i have a idea we should have an actual debate of something couse i am good at debates oh and you ROCK!!!!!!!!

9/28/2011 05:08:24 am

hi that thing that we lerned yesterday was awsome.

9/28/2011 05:08:30 am

Hey Mr.lane are we ever going to have a feiled trip

Madison Wallace
9/28/2011 06:03:03 am

mr lane rocks

hunter timmons
9/28/2011 06:03:17 am

it was very very cool

Maddy & Ashley
9/28/2011 06:03:17 am

Observation was very fun!!!!

Savannah Jacobson
9/28/2011 06:03:24 am

Hello mr.lane ur awasome so have a good dat ttyl

faith hamlin
9/28/2011 06:03:26 am

science is sooo cool!!!!!

Audrey Turner
9/28/2011 06:03:44 am

hi i like 6th grade it is r3eally cool so r u mr lane

Layne Schilperoort A.K.A COOKIE
9/28/2011 06:03:49 am

it awsome
i loved it

taylor brotherton
9/28/2011 06:03:55 am

you r the bets

paige wrighht
9/28/2011 06:03:59 am

mr layne you are a fun teacher

adriana bautista
9/28/2011 06:04:05 am

i like the classes.its fuunnnnnnny that you change me seats every day.

quinton mcleod
9/28/2011 06:04:14 am

hi mr.lane you are a awsome teacher

9/28/2011 07:48:51 am

hey your an awesome teacher

9/28/2011 09:15:10 am

hi mr,lane i loved that game it was so fun

gavin martin
9/28/2011 12:35:55 pm

i liked the solar system game and chock norris is cool.

Kianna Evans
9/28/2011 12:51:07 pm

Mr.Lane You ROCK! So far I love sixth grade i'm having tons of fun!!:)

jose lira and brea riuz
9/29/2011 12:57:36 pm

u rock

Dylan Chamberlain
10/1/2011 04:08:01 am

This is grawsome mr.Lane

Kianna & Audrey
10/1/2011 04:33:59 am

What does grawsome mean?

Layne Schilperoort
10/2/2011 02:05:22 pm

That game was fun I should my aunt the moon walking bear she did not see the bear! LOL!! My little cousin saw the bear funny he's like what that I said it a moon walking bear and he said a bear can't do the moon walk! I never liked science at all u make it more fun and more funny

10/6/2011 03:50:00 am

hey kianna

madison scott
10/6/2011 03:50:04 am


10/6/2011 03:50:21 am


10/6/2011 03:50:26 am

how r u

10/6/2011 01:31:15 pm

:P :) :D :P :) :D :P :) :D !!

Hanna Green
10/23/2011 06:01:45 am

Keeping an update u r a cool and funny teacher! Hope we get to learn more about the planets!!!!! U R-O-C-K!!!!

Big Green
10/23/2011 09:36:29 am

Hope to see u guys soon!!

Hanna Green
10/25/2011 10:47:02 am

I'm glad to be back but to much HW. I mean we have a lot already but now I have doble the HW. Thats just my thought on HW. Would u say the same?

maddy morris
11/3/2011 08:44:03 am


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