In class we have learned about each layer of the Earth and we are going to take that information and put it to music. Each table group is going to come up with their own "layers of the Earth rap".
1/13/2011 09:54:48 am

When many people are heising to press forward on the road, they have to make way for the one who values highly his time, and let him overtake them.

2/15/2011 11:33:59 am

They sense soil moisture in the immediate vicinity of the cup.

2/16/2011 02:45:26 pm

Do you still think of and yearn towards those days that this red violin brings you back, those days when you were young and full of ambition and enthusiasm

2/17/2011 03:02:44 pm

On expectations, some worrying signs are emerging.

7/14/2012 05:56:09 am

nice post


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