Imagine walking into a clearing in a forest and seeing a 10ft giant killer bird staring at you. That was not an imaginary tale in past.
Shaylee Veselik
9/28/2011 02:06:23 am

Birds? weird.

9/28/2011 02:12:32 am

Are you saying that there was actually a TEN FOOT BIRD?!

Charlie Andrade
9/28/2011 02:14:34 am

...hmm. Are they extinct now? Or...uh...just fake? I'm confused. Birds can't be that tall. Can they?!

Madison Wallace
9/28/2011 06:07:24 am

that is weird amd it would be scary to

audrey turner
9/28/2011 06:08:28 am

i am bored jk lol

Savannah Jacobson
9/29/2011 09:27:16 am

savannah jacobson
9/29/2011 09:28:39 am

sorry i on axent hit enter so any way wow thats crazy:)!

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