Welcome everyone to the first day of 6th Grade Science! I am not going to begin my class in the usual way, instead we are going to play cards. It is a game called Mao and it is a perfect analogy for science.
maddy morris
9/9/2011 08:45:21 am

hey mr.lane its maddy i played mao

samantha beach
9/28/2011 01:11:03 am

hi mr lane you rock

kayla davis
9/28/2011 01:11:09 am

hi Mr.Lane that game was confusing :)

katy marie horton
9/28/2011 01:11:26 am

that was a weird but fun game on the first day of school!!!!!!!! :-)

Morgan taylor and Maddie gano
9/28/2011 05:05:36 am

Hi, Mr.lane Me and maddie are having fun so far

9/28/2011 05:07:14 am

the game was very fun

Shaylee Veselik
9/28/2011 09:17:08 am

Hi Mr.Lane,
That game was annoying...
but kinda fun. P.S. I made a universe with to suns (:

Morgan Taylor
10/4/2011 11:32:43 am

Hey Mr.Lane, Today was alot
Of fun but the football felid was VERY muddy!

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