Today we will look at one of the reasons I became a teacher. This will be a theme through out the school year.
maddy morris
9/16/2011 03:30:25 pm

the long EARS

dustin lial
9/28/2011 01:11:45 am

that was really coool and fun.

Shaylee Veselik
9/28/2011 02:05:01 am

that was a really fun progect.

cyrus blair
9/28/2011 02:05:08 am

this is cool

David Ferguson
9/28/2011 02:05:12 am


jose lira and brea ruiz
9/28/2011 06:03:39 am

you rock mr lane

Big Green
10/23/2011 09:38:44 am

Mr Lane hope we can have a randum day. Let's do it!!!!!!!

10/24/2011 12:45:42 pm

hey mr.lane, how did everybody figure out that it was geocentric? im confused.
i mean i know gallileo came up with it but since he died, who found out that it was heliocentric. did ptolemy? can you tell me in class? thx XD.

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